Creating a creator God

I received this comment to my FB page from my friend Leza Lowitz:

Love this post. How is “uncreated creator God?”defined? Why add the word “uncreated” here? Is that scriptural in Tibetan Buddhist texts? So then the question is– if Buddhism denies the existence of an “uncreated creator God” then does it accept the existence of a “created creator God?” And if so, who or what created that?

So these are good questions; I’ll try to answer them here.

I obviously can’t speak for Christianity; each denomination or church has different ideas about what God is or how we should think of God. But a simple google search gave me 100 Bible verses about how God is unchanging. I grew up Catholic and Church of Christ and both told me that God created the world, but was still somehow unchanging (unchanging and uncreated here being synonyms).

So as we said in the last post, logic would deny an unchanging creator as an internal contradiction. But then is the opposite true? Could a changing creator God exist?

This is the reason I do this debate; in Tibetan Buddhism we learn about hlas (LHA), that is, angels (also sometimes translated as “diety”). For example Chenrezig, Tara, or Manjushri. Tantric angels include Vajrayogini, Vajradhara, Chakrasamvara, or Yamantaka. What are these beings? How can we describe them?

Often in texts they are described as having created a mandala–meaning they have created their own world/paradise. Is this possible? Is there any logic behind it?

Basically, if you’re familiar with Geshe Michael teaching how the pen is coming from us, then if you extrapolate, everything is coming from us. This includes our world. So if the world is coming from us, then we are all changing creators: we all create the world we experience, based on the seeds we plant.

And so does Vajrayogini, for example. So:

Consider Vajrayogini,
She is a changing creator,
Because she projects the world she inhabits.

True or false? You have to run the tests…

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