Consider a green sun…

This is getting to be a bad habit; I’ve left a lot of loose threads open in these posts (as described in my last), but I wanted to write a quick post here. I’m off to Sacramento tomorrow to teach the ACI logic course (again), but before I go, I want to share something a friend of mine sent me:

Reading your book and enjoying it very much. Regarding the example on page 29. Well….. The sun is also GREEN. Although The sun is actually white, most of its energy is emitted on a wavelength of the color green. More info can be found here:

So the part of my book he is mentioning is from page 29; I wrote, “Conversely, consider the reason ‘because the sun is green.’ That reason is false, because a green sun does not exist.”

So if you go ahead and read the linked article, what you’ll find is that the sun is technically white, which means that it includes the entire spectrum of color. And, unfortunately for my example, the most predominant color in that spectrum is actually green. 😉

Actually, I’m okay. White is not green. So if the sun is white, then sun is not green. That doesn’t mean it doesn’t emit green light; I didn’t say that. But the sun does not appear green. (Actually, maybe that would be more clear and maybe I will change that line in my book to read ‘because the sun appears green to the human eye.’)

But the reason I bring all this up is what I noticed in almost the last line of the article: “Sometimes the display color of the Sun is culturally determined. If a kindergartener in the USA colors a picture of the Sun, they will usually make it yellow. However, a kindergartener in Japan would normally color it red!”

It’s a big question whether belief can determine the truth of something (maybe I can tie this in to my last post yet); usually I approach this question by calling it the proof of consensus. For example, when Tibetans look at the moon they see a rabbit. I’ve tried for years; I can’t see it. But any Tibetan I’ve met will insist there’s a rabbit there.

So is that enough? Is there a rabbit in the moon?

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